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Bibliographie internationale de l'humanisme et de la Renaissance
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Bibliographie de la Philosophie

Teaching of Philosophy on the Eve of the Twenty-first Century, ed. by D. Evans & I. Kuçuradi, Ankara, FISP, 1998

The Idea of Values, ed. by W. McBride, Ankara, FISP, 2003 (under press)

Open Problems, series ed. by J. Hintikka, Kluwer, Dordrecht

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Atlas of the Languages of the World in Danger of Disappearing (New Edition) 
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Other publications

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La struttura elementare dell'arte, Edizioni del CCSP, Capo di Ponte, 2002

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International Social Science Journal

ISSJ HANDOVER TO JOHN WILEY AND SONS The management of the International Social Science Journal (ISSJ) has been transferred from UNESCO to UK-based publishers John Wiley and Sons. A contract to this effect has been signed by both parties and the handover took effect on 1 July 2015. The ISSJ, founded by UNESCO in 1949, has been published as a quarterly review of international renown in English, French......



World Social Science Report 2013 - Changing Global Environments

The environmental challenges that confront society are unprecedented and staggering in their magnitude, scope, pace and complexity. They have potentially serious consequences for the wellbeing of people all over the world. The consequences of global environmental change are unfolding now; individuals and communities are already struggling to manage often precarious livelihoods; other social, economic......



History of Civilizations of Central Asia

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Multiple History series Ce titre est disponible. 265,00 €€ Livre Format:24.5 x 16.5 cm (Hardback) ......



World Social Science Report 2010 - Knowledge Divides

The social sciences, which were dominated by western universities for a long time, are gaining ground in Asia and in Latin America, according to a report by the International Social Sciences Council (ISSC), published jointly with UNESCO. Entitled Knowledge Divides”, it is a worldwide status report about these disciplines. According to the study, North America and Europe still publish 75% of......