The International Council
for Philosophy and Human Sciences

Franco Montanari

Treasurer / Trésorier

has been elected as Treasurer at the General Assembly of the Council held in Paris, at UNESCO, on October 15th 2014.
a été élu Trésorier a l’Assemblée Générale du Conseil tenue a Paris, a l’UNESCO, le 15 Octobre 2014.

Member Organization / Organisation membre:

FIEC – Fédération Internationale d’Études Classiques / International Federation of Classical Studies (currently its President).

Professional Affiliation / Affiliation Professionnelle:

Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy).

Research interests / Intérêts de recherche:

Mainly devoted to Homer and ancient exegesis on Homeric poems and archaic poetry in general; ancient Greek scholarship, with a particular focus on the Hellenistic age and the grammarians of the Alexandrian Library; history of philology in the ancient world; literary papyrology; modern lexicography of ancient Greek.

Contacts / Contactes:

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