The International Council
for Philosophy and Human Sciences

CIPSH Major Events: 2015-2016

7 December – Board meeting of the CIPSH, Beijing, China.
8-9 December – General Assembly of the CIPSH, Beijing, China.

18 January – Meeting with national delegations at UNESCO, on the WCH, Paris, France
2 February – Opening of the International Year of Global Understanding in Jena, Germany
9-17 March – APHELEIA Erasmus+ programme. Cultural Integrated Landscape Management, Mação, Portugal
8-9 June – 6th annual conference of the Taihu International Cultural Forum, Macau, China.
June 28-July 1 – Annual meeting of CHCI, London, United Kingdom.
August – IGU Congress.
September – 34ème Congrès Mondial d’Histoire de l’Art, Beijing, China.
4-7 October – Regional preparatory Conference of the Humanities, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
27-29 October – 4th World Humanities Forum, South Korea.
19 November – World Day of Philosophy (anniversaries of Aristotle and Leibniz).
November – Regional Conference of the Humanities in Bamako, Mali.

  Article Source : CIPSH
December 31, 2016