The International Council
for Philosophy and Human Sciences

Closing Speech by Chao Gejin at the 2019 Global Humanitites Forum

Distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen,

The 2019 Global Humanities Forum is now coming to its closure. The forum consisted of multiple panels and workshops. These panels cover a broad spectrum of knowledge. Vertically from the dawn of human species to humankind activities today; horizontally, from philosophical theories to people’s lifeworld; from literary interpretation to public health practice; From underwater archaeology to cultural diversity policy; from poetics of ethnic literature and art to intercultural comparison; from gene-editing to ethical principles; from Neolithic to molecular biology; from game study to ancient DNA reconstruction; from food tradition to safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage; From children philosophy to artificial intelligence, and so on and so forth.

I firmly believe all the attendees have been immersed in the torrent of knowledge over the past few days. The academic discussions and the confrontation of ideas have already planted the seeds of new ideas, and new thoughts will grow sooner or later, changing the skyline of academia in one way or another. In a word, those excellent presentations are inspiring, informative and instructive.

Since 2017, CIPSH and Xiamen University have become partners step by step. The basis of this connection is that we share the same goal of promoting humanities. Through the establishment of the CIPSH-Xiamen office, as well as some other joint activities, we not only get a better understanding of each other but also realize that the more the alliance, the greater the power. Needless to say that Humanities encounters difficulties in today's world. Humanities scholars should have a more positive attitude in responding to these challenges. In recent years, CIPSH has been making an effort in expanding its influence, raising its visibility, and enhancing its societal relevance.

The revitalization of humanities needs both thinker and practitioner. Mr. Zhang Rong is the one who is in the right position, knows well the importance of humanities, and knows how to move forward to reach the goal. Although his education was physics, he has passion and vision to promote humanities. We have seen new changes of humanities education and research appear on this campus.

CIPSH has been an influential umbrella organization, stay close with international member organizations for decades. Now a new working model has been initiated. To join hands with a university is groundbreaking for CIPSH. The new initiatives have yielded good results.

Lastly, on behalf of CIPSH, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to organizers of the forum, to logistics of it in particular. We also have deep impressions of our lovely student volunteers, without their full-hearted efforts and dedication, the forum cannot be as successful as we have now. My special thanks also go to colleges and departments concerned; their performance deserves high respect. Thank you.
Finally, I wish you all a safe trip home.

April 27, 2019