The International Council
for Philosophy and Human Sciences


Following the growing CIPSH meetings and other activities in Asia, an understanding was made on the interest for undertaking multidisciplinaryresearch in the Humanities, focusing in the Chinese cultures, internally and in other continents, including in this the study of Chinese history and philosophical thoughts, of the interaction and influence between the Chinese and Asian diasporas with theirhost cultures, of their impact in the circulation of knowledge, as well as of Chinese and Asian Humanities as perceived from other regions and cultural traditions.

Within this scope, CIPSH will organise an International Academy on Chinese cultures and Global Humanities, consisting of a series of yearly high-level intensiveseminars, focusing on specific themes each year, promoting a dialogue with the academic communities in the region where they will be held, and attracting advanced students to foster future research in those domains. It will be advised by a scientific committeeappointed by CIPSH. The programme, benefiting from a grant from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange,will take place in Europe.

Each year, CIPSH will issue an internal call for proposals from its members, which may be co-organised with CIPSH members andlocal organisers, consisting of keynote speeches, round-tables and master classes, on a specific topic. Every year, an open source publication will compile the main contributions from scholars. This publication will be peer-reviewed and edited with an ISBNcode.

Being this the first year of the programme, CIPSH addresses the member organisations for expressions of interest to organise thefirst seminar, this year and preferably in October 2020. Expressions of interest should include a proposed topic, a suggestion of speakers to invite from China and beyond, an indication of possible interactions with projects engaging member organisations ofCIPSH and logistical aspects (venue, dates, expected number of attendants, budget). The proposals, engaging one or more members of CIPSH (in a collaborative perspective), must be sent until the 31st of March, via email, to and

The management committee of the programme includes Professorss Chao Gejin, Luiz Oosterbeek and Hsiung Ping-Chen.

April 3, 2020