The International Council
for Philosophy and Human Sciences

To the Past President Adama Samassékou: a thanks note from the Board

The Board of CIPSH met for a last digital session, just before the General Assembly that will elect the new governing bodies of CIPSH, for the period until 2022. Since the turn of the century the Council undertook a debate on its reorganisation and the repositioning of the Humanities in contemporary society, and we owe to Adama Samassékou, from when he was elected President in 2008, the foresight to propose a global ambitious renewal, from the World Humanities Conference to the expansion of the Council and the updating of its working mechanisms. The achievements of the CIPSH are a collective work that could not have happened without the strong commitment of all the member organisations, the active mobilization of the members of the Executive Committee and the preservation of an internal rich diversity, which is fundamental also for the future. Adama Samassékou was able to suggest convergent directions for all, in an open and friendly spirit, in line of the mission of CIPSH as a strong confederation of the Humanities. For these reasons, the Board wishes to express its gratitude to Adama Samassékou, who completed 12 years of active and intense dedication, as President and Past-President, while we all hope he will continue to collaborate and inspire CIPSH as it faces future challenges. 

December 15, 2020